Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2. 1 hr. 29 minutes

After almost TWO damned years of putting this game on the back burner, I finally started it.

So far, so good. I do feel like the controls are a bit on the awkward side, but that might be because of being on a DSI as opposed to a big console. I haven't been playing this game for very long, so rustiness is always a possibility though.

Now, for the fun part: AXEL. For he is glorious.

I could have sworn he told Roxas that "Red is the the most dominant color in the sky." Instead, it "travels" the farthest or something. I dunno, I like the original statement better. Sounds so AXEL. :) He's the one who finds Roxas in Twlight Town, introduced him to well, everything really. I just LOVE how the game reminds you that Axel is looking out for his own agenda. Like we didn't already know. What happened to show don't tell?

Don't think I didn't notice that evil Axel look when Roxas wondered where Xion was. Jealous? Yea. This is AXEL we're talking about.

Anyway, Roxas does his tutorial missions. He clearly has the best rapport with Axel so far. Oddly enough, Demyx is kind of dismissive of Roxas, and he wasn't too interested in Xion either. Vexen, on the other hand, seems to think that the newest members are FOOD or something. What a creep.

Marluxia and Zexion are clearly interested in Roxas, but NOT for friendship, that much I know. Course, that was obvious in Chain of Memories. It's also obvious that Roxas doesn't linger with Marluxia and Zexion like he does with Axel. He has yet to mention the two in his diary. Not sure if I blame him. I LOVE Marluxia, but I can see how Roxas is a bit nervous, and Zexion, well, I've never been a fan of his anyway.

None of the other members have really gotten on my radar yet. I'm sure that'll change soon enough.

The music is nice. Typical Kingdom Hearts, but very nice. Graphics? Er, well, they're okay. Voice Acting? Kind of reminds me of Person 4. "Hahah." "Huh"? Still, pretty solid though.

Next up: Mission with Larxene. Joy. When is he going to have a mission with Demyx?

And now, a song:

Fever Ray, If I had a Heart.

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