Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re: Chain of Memories commentary: Vexen is VEXING

Took long enough, huh? Like, many many MOONS. But, with 358/2 just beginning, I figured, why not come back to this. It's time to catch up a wee bit! :D Comments will be numbered because it's easier that way. Then again, I've always done that.

1. I can't really stress this enough, but there is a reason why Vexen is 1. That one Boss on TV Tropes and 2. On my Top Ten Epic battles list. GRAGH. A lovely battle though. Vexen is a delight to watch in combat. All that lovely white and blue. Eh, they should have sent a poet.

2. Nice Vexen card.

3. Put Riku back? Apparently, he's a toy.

4. HOLY Balls! Axel! Honestly, this was much better than in the Japanese version, but I still feel like the GBA COM was the best one. Axel was MUCH more brutal in that version. "Now you can say I don't respect my elders!" Slice, dice, julienne Vexen! This doesn't happen in this version, but LORDY "Good-bye" and the WAY he said it knocked the Japanese version out of the ballpark! Axel looked like he wanted to BBQ Vexen. BAHAHAHHA!!

5. I can't believe Larxene EVER questioned Axel's, well, anything really. ERrrrr...she keeps "laying hands" on him and he keeps looking like he wants to KILL HER. Larxene: It'll be like child's play with the three of us.Axel: No, just me.

6. And heeeeeere's Riku! Or, his replica with fabricated memories. Not that Sora knows that. Either way, Riku is FIERCE in combat.

7. How can two people have the same memory? Well, if they were in the same place at the same time... . Oh yea, ask Namine. I'm sure she'll help. :D Oh no...Sora!? Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread, boy!

8. Oh no. Namine is alone with Axel, and yea, he knows what buttons to push. We know you're ENJOYING this, meanie! "This'll be a hell of a show", indeed. "Something else"? I'm not so sure about that one. ;)

9. I never thought about it until now, but isn't Sora the victim of gaslighting? Messing with his memories, giving misinformation,misleading him, tricking him? When I first saw/played this game, I never even thought of such a term. Interesting that it comesup NOW. Gaslighting is a pretty evil thing to do to someone, ORG 13. Eh, like they care.

10. Grindfest at Destiny Islands. Hooray!

Hopefully, I'll come up with some better commentary later. I'm a bit rusty with this game! :)

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