Wednesday, September 14, 2011

358/2, 2:42

Day 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

1. "Do I look like I run a nursery school?" Geez, Larxene, can you be any more of a BITCH?
Yea, I figured Demyx and Larxene would hate each other. Looks like Larxene and Roxas won't be friends any time soon. "Deep Do-Do?" Argh. I know this is an all ages games, but come on.

2. AAAAGH! Vexen! Why, God, why?

3. AAHAH! Yup, Demyx and Larxene can't stand each other. Witch works just as well as Bitch. Heh.

4. Why does Vexen look like someone punched him in the face? Why does he have to be nasty to Roxas? Oh, yea, he's not very nice. Never was. I decided to stay a little longer with Vexen though because for all his faults, he is still smart and his attacks, while minimal with Roxas are still gorgeous. He also gets a little better if you stick around rather than "RTC".

5. Lexeaus is every the mountain he always is. Nothing he does is without purpose. Hitting Roxas was a OUCHIE moment, but necessary considering the mission. The Limit Breaks aren't very impressive, so far, but then again, it's still early.

6. OH YAY! Happy to see Axel again. "You ever get the urge to just do something stupid and AWESOME?" Idea is gone already? Aww...then again, I have always seen Demyx as impulsive.

7. I knew Axel had some after mission plans. Axel's going to be the first in EVERYTHING!!11 Yup. Axel and Roxas are friends because AXEL SAID SO!!! :D Sweet scene too.

8. Roxas can now choose missions! YAY! Oh no, the mandatory one is with Larxene. WOE. Will be getting her out of the way first, then test endurance, and save Marluxia's mission for last. YAY! Might as well do them all.

9. That'll do for now. Slowly inching, but getting there. While the controls are still a little awkward, I've been getting better with them. As for the story, ever since Axel joined in the first mission, things are starting to pick up a bit. I don't really care about Hayner, Pence, and Olette, but they are clearly signifigant to Roxas.

10. Zexion and Marluxia seem somewhat friendly to Roxas. Lexeaus is largely distant, but pragmatic. Vexen is an ass, but that's expected. Larxene is AWFUL, as usual. Demyx is ]affable, but he seems pretty unavailable too. Axel is really the only one who is openly willing to actually BE friends with Roxas. Saw Luxord! OH YES! But, he has yet to be anything more than just there, just like those I have yet to mention.

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