Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uh oh...8 days again...

Did it But, with Olympics coming up, it'll be harder to update. Then again, the Summer Olympics never stopped me from doing so.

There's been more talk about Birth By Sleep, but I haven't looked more into it because I just want to be "surprised" or something. I haven't even looked at screenshots.

I've been juggling Persona 3(after beating the hell out of Persona 4) and Star Ocean 2, so that's why this blog has been taking longer "breaks" than usual. Only a day late from weekly updates, but still.

I found a lot of Kingdom Hearts stuff on a place called TVTropes. Some I agree with and some I don't, but it all very interesting, that's for sure. Heard some bad things about 358/2 there. Like, nothing really changed with the circumstances of certain ORG members, but I'll see it for myself before it's "one year release anniversary".


Mal said...

Geh, unfortunately BBS spoilers are becoming all too rampant now, and even I've ran into one or two myself by accident.. and they were major ones -.-" Fortunately there were only images, so I don't know the "what" or "how" of them.

Everything else I've seen of BBS are trailers and images released by Famitsu before the game's release.

I wonder what the complaint with 'Days was about... I thought it was great, but I do wish certain other members had more attention, among other things.

My gaming schedule is also out of whack.. Usually I try to stick to one at a time... this time it seems I'm doing 4 at once :o

So, what IS in a heart? said...

I haven't even seen any of the screenshots. I only heard about them.

The complaint was that there STILL wasn't enough development and people disliked Xion.