Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Do List

Given the new games that are coming out, I'm sure the results of this list would be radically different than what they would have been if I did them sooner. Lol!

1. Top Five most glorious Battles--Re: COM/KH2
2. Axel/Demyx shipping manifesto (Might as well).
3. More could have been done with Demyx.
4. Top Five Most glorious Battles-- 1st Kingdom Hearts
5. Xaldin banner (I'm not here to win any beauty pageants part pi).
6. KH Icons!
7. Axel/Demyx/Roxas and why the hell is this my "OT3"? And no, it's not because I'm "lazy".
8. Five most touching Kingdom Hearts moments. (I will have a separate top 5 for COM/KH2)
9. Five most PAINFUL Kingdom Hearts moments. (I will have a separate top 5 for COM/KH2)
10. Xaldin Banner for Whenever. In fact, other Org banners. Sheesh. I still only have Axel, Demyx and Luxord. Will include one for Xion too.
11. Character reviews/ratings(this was one of the reasons why this blog is even here!!!!!)
12. Personality Disordered Organization 13
13. Kingdom Hearts Quotes (yea, I'm a sucker for quotes).
14. Play/Comment/Post about Chain of Memories: RE. Still haven't gone up against Vexen #2. (Star Ocean series will do that to you. lol!)
15. More stuff about the Disney elements. I barely even mention those, and it's a HUGE part of Kingdom Hearts.
a. Top 5 favorite Disney Characters
b. Top 10 most grating Worlds (this will combine KH1 and 2)
16. Top 5 things I could have done without in ALL of the Kingdom Hearts series.

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