Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Instant Internet!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

One second you’re on, the next second you’re out. This is true in the fashion industry and many similar fields, but it’s also proving to be true with the Internet. Once upon a time, DSL was the one thing to have if you wanted an internet connection. DSL was IN. Now? It’s considered the “new dial-up” because most people online want something faster and they always have. This is why dial-up itself has been banished to the “dinosaur era”.

Charter says stop waiting and get going. Leave DSL behind and start being “in” through High Speed Internet. Yes, we do live in an instant gratification society, but it’s never going to go away on the internet because no one likes waiting for downloads, e-mails, and web pages. With Charter, progress bars will be practically non-existent, you will be more productive online, and you’ll get to see whatever video you want in an instant. High Speed Internet is especially great for Ebay buyers who love to snipe at the last second. I always have, but I had to be careful because my connection is a bit slower than what Charter has to offer.

You can get connected for $19.99, and to kick things off, installation is free. No one likes being in “greyberspace” and even a blue bar is too slow for some, so stop waiting! Get connected to Charter right now! They can afford to wait for you!

If you’re interested in social networking sites, then pay a visit to Charter’s Facebook page. You can say “hi” to them on their Wall, and you might even thank them for their services.


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