Thursday, January 28, 2010

I didn't know this existed

I didn't pay much attention to the fanfic "Those Lacking Spines", but I found this quote from the fic rather funny:

Xuxastell’s eyes bugged out of her head as Vexen exploded into a vicious tirade, the tirade of a scientist whose entire life’s and unlife’s work was being disregarded in the name of creepy wish-fulfillment. “WE. DON’T. HAVE. HEARTS! We do not have hearts! There is but one rule in the Nobody codebook regarding the definition of a Nobody, and that rule is—NOBODIES. DO NOT. HAVE. HEARTS! You are not capable of falling in love with Axel, nor is he capable of falling in love with you, because falling in love is an emotion, and emotions are born in the heart, and as I have underlined numerous times—WE DO NOT HAVE HEARTS!”

Like that's ever stopped anyone. Lol!

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