Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little game

Because I am a bit bored, I will list how many fics have been written about Xion. The game hasn't been out for too long (about five months in the US), but I still want to know.

So, here are my findings:

Xion herself: 10 pages 250 fics
Axel/Xion: 2 Pages 31 fics
Roxas/Xion: 4 Pages 90 fics
Riku/Xion: 2 pages 41 fics
Demyx/Xion 6 fics
Xemnas/Xion: 4 fics
Xigbar/Xion: 2 fics
Xion/Sora: 10 fics
Xion/Namine: 9 fics
Xion/Marluxia: 3 fics
Xion/Lexaeus: 1 fic
Xion/Zexion: 6 fics
Larxene/Xion: 10 fics
Xion/Kairi: 4 fics

And that's about all I could find at Clearly, she's most popular with Roxas. Still haven't started 358/2, but it's no surprise she'd be most paired with Roxas if she's paired with anyone at all.


Mal said...

I should probably try reading fanfics sometime, if I'm ever bored enough. I write in my free time as well, so I guess I'm afraid fanfics would start giving me ideas xD

You need to play 'Days :O

So, what IS in a heart? said...

Yes, most certainly because I've had the game since August. It's not uncommon for me to be behind others though. I'm way behind on the COM remake.

Mal said...

I'm bothering you again xP

*reads list for the first time.. I only skimmed it last time xD*

Xemnas/Xion.... is that a pairing??


What are these fic people doing?? -_-"

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