Friday, August 7, 2009

Re: COM Hollow Atlanticia *possible spoilers*

I honestly don't remember seeing Belle and Beast anywhere in Kingdom Hearts, except towards the end where all the Princesses of Heart are kept prisoner. Still, it was a nice touch with poor Belle trying to push Beast away in order to protect him. Kind of reminds me of what happened in the movie Stella.

I didn't expect the Dragon since I really believed that it would just be Maleficent floating on a rock. I guess COM decided to show some mercy because Floating Maleficent was hell on Earth to fight in Kingdom Hearts. The Dragon was only difficult because I had the same problem I always had--RAN OUT OF CARDS! You can't fight the bosses without doing COMBOS! :/ The platform helped a little bit.

Riku Replica was an unpleasant surprise. Harder the second time around, of course, but he would have been difficult even if I had an infinite amount of cards.

Atlanticia had a simple, basic version of the story. Ariel steals the trident to save Flounder from Ursula. That's it. She's useful as always. As for Ursula, she's only hard because I always ran out of cards before finally being able to win. Bleagh. Will have to to more card changes to stand a chance. Fire has proven to be the most useful spell in the game so far.

I don't have much to say about Axel and Namine.! No wonder Namine was a bit peeved. Just that Axel looked very pained--something that didn't show too well on YouTube. Beyond that? No changes in opinion. Axel is still a glorious asshole. *smile*

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