Friday, August 14, 2009

RE:COM NeverLand not owned by Micheal Jackson

Neverland is one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts worlds for two reasons:

1. It's generally a very easy, to the point area. IIRC, in Kingdom Hearts, it was nothing more than the ship and Big Ben.

2. YOU FLY!!!

Just that in Chain of Memories the "Glide" ability is pretty much pointless and useless. So much for that. Neverland itself is confined to the ship. Peter Pan doesn't act like himself here. I know he's childish since he doesn't want to grow up, but when Wendy wants to stay in London, he totally freaks out and basically abandons her. I don't remember this happening in Kingdom Hearts. I guess I'm losing my memories. Hurhuhrhur. He comes around later though, obviously.

Captain Hook is refreshingly easy because it only took two times to beat him rather than 49337307435327491 times. He's fast and has a lot of zero/strong cards, but he's manageable. Thank God.

Vexen "YOU OWE ME SEVEN QUID YA PRICK"#4 in the Organization is not. Gamefaqs will say that he is, but it's easy to write stuff down and give advice. For someone like me, following said advice is always hard to do in games like this. Eventually, I end up breaking his zero cards and attacking from there while trying to bypass his shield. Combos are necessary, and I simply don't give up. I don't know how many times it took to beat him, but it takes far more than an hour.

Worse yet, I get to do it again in Twilight Town. HOORAY!

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Beeezo said...

didn't know Micheal Jackson didn't own Neverland....

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