Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RE: COM Alice in Monstro Acre Wood *possible spoilers*

Alice in Wonderland lacked the drink this/get big and flower puzzle crap, so the stage itself was generally fine and without any incident. The boss monster, on the other hand.

*sigh* I can see why the reviewers said what they did about Chain of Memories. One of the biggest complaints was that everything else was relatively easy, but the Boss monsters were just damned near impossible thanks to the card system. Alice in Wonderland's Boss was generally EASY in Kingdom Hearts, but here? There was nothing that could have helped you except "Keep trying" and "Don't Give up". Even the Mickey Ears weren't much help. I ended up using Fire Boost/Ice Boost and concentrating on using Magic rather than just physical attacks. Lots of healing too. All of that eventually worked after a bunch of "I WAS SO CLOSE!" battles.

I loved how Alice played on the Queen's unwillingness to admit an fault. Oh, she never forgets anything at all, so yea, she gave the order for them to eliminate the Heartless. Sometimes it's so easy...yea, if you try too hard to remember, your memories may lie to you. Thank you, Cheshire Cat.

The opinions of Axel and Larxene haven't changed at all, so nothing needs to be said there. Axel sounds a little different though. Like, more sinister and quiet than the Japanese version.

Monstro ended up being the last of the first bunch. I HATED this stage in Kingdom Hearts, and didn't like it much now. The one difference is that the Cage Boss proved slightly easier than the previous bosses, but I almost lost. Thank god for magic and strong attacks. Friend/Mickey cards are nice too. No other boss existed in Monstro. Why should there be when you get to fight Larxene next?

I don't have anything to say about the Cutscene because I already talked about it in previous posts.

As for the Battle? Put it this way, if she's the easiest of the Castle Oblivion Org members, then I can't wait to see how the rest of them are. I lost to her a few times because in order to fight her, you need to make sure you don't run out of cards. You also need to make sure that you aren't gobbling spicy chicken soup and nearly fainting from sudden heart palpitations. Ugh.

Anyway, Dumbo proved very helpful and so did boosted fire magic and healing. I'd say that it took less times to beat her than those in Olympus, Halloweentown, and Alice in Wonderland.

Vexen's VA is no dud, so that's good. My TV proved better than YouTube because I saw how Axel basically glared holes into Larxene. Lol!

100 Acre woods was next. I dreaded this level in ALL of Kingdom Hearts and Chain is memories is no exception. There's nothing insanely difficult about this place, and is sort of an Oasis from the constant fighting, but it can be annoying too. I generally viewed it as interrupting the main story. The games were generally fun though. I ended up with a lot of powerful cards/items/abilities from this level in COM, so it turned out quite nicely.

Except for dealing with Riku Replica. Buur. Oddly enough, he didn't prove as difficult as I thought. I lost, at first. He hit me RIGHT before I could cure myself. I won the second time around. I didn't think I'd get off that easily because of my rather awful memories of dealing with Riku in Kingdom Hearts. Good thing I did.

Worlds after 100 Wood are Atlanticia, Hollow Bastion, and Neverland(one of my favorites).

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