Monday, August 3, 2009

Re; Chain of Memories: Olympus Wonderland

*possible spoilers*

Cloud was NO FUN. No fun at all. :( Hades was next to impossible. I never recalled Hades being this difficult in KH2! GAH! They both had one thing in common: YOU HAD BETTER USE COMBOS ON EVERYTHING YOU DO WHILE HOPING THAT YOU DO NOT LOSE ALL YOUR CARDS. Otherwise, you're screwed.

Hades was the hardest so far. I can't wait for the other major battles.

Anyway, here's something Sora said to Cloud:

"Sometimes the tiniest thing can make you remember stuff your forgot years ago."

Heh. Certainly is true, unless you have Alzheimer's. Heh.

Wonderland is so far proving to be the easiest stage. Never thought that would be possible. Then again, it was the among the first places Sora went to in Kingdom Hearts.

Wait and see, I guess. I really shouldn't have a problem in this stage though. Right.

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