Friday, July 31, 2009

PayPer Post/SocialSpark

This is a bit unrelated to Kingdom Hearts, but those of you who read this blog often would notice "off topic" posts with certain kinds of links every once in awhile. This is because I am a member of:

And by joining that, I was also signed up to Izea's sister site: All of my "paid" posts came from SocialSpark since PayPerPost is a bit selective in terms of who qualifies for what sponsored post.

Pay Per Post is basically little more than selecting an opportunity, following the requirements, and writing about what you have chosen. However, I've found that it's mostly for people who have their own domains as blogs and are fairly high traffic. If your blog is like that and you don't mind posting "sponsored posts" every few days, then you can easily make quite a bit of money. This also goes for SocialSpark.

SocialSpark has more money making options as they prove paid per click ads for your blog, twitter, and facebook. They also have affiliate links, sponsorships, sponsored posts like on PayPerPost, and "Sparks" for getting more hits to your blog. SocialSpark also offers more opportunities for those who use blogspot for their blogs and don't care about Google Rank, unlike PayPerPost.

When SocialSpark Pays, it pays instantly:

Like most pay to anything, the more you do, the more you get. Some people have made thousands a month with this method alone. As for now, What's in a Heart is the only Blog that's listed on the Izea network since it contained the most content. Yea, you'll need a blog that has quite a bit of content in order to qualify for PayPerPost. You'll also need to visit both places fairly often for opportunities you qualify for since there's often a line of people looking for the same things you are.

I honestly don't do too much with the Paid to Blog Post, as you can see, but I really like the Izea network and have no problem posting sponsored posts/ads, etc from time to time.

LOL! This post is my 500th post! Heh.

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