Saturday, February 14, 2009

OH! I didn't see that coming! Still, Luxord could have done more.

So, according to the "BIG THREE" sites of Kingdom Hearts, Luxord will be partnering with Roxas to ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Honestly, I really didn't think that would happen. I forgot about the cards in that world, but Port Royale was soooo suitable to Luxord since he has the demeanor of a James Bond-like anti-hero pirate gambler without the gadgeteering Bond is known for. I mean, he's no "Jack Sparrow", but who says he has to be? Add in the ability to control time, and Port Royale would have been very interesting. Then again, setting things in the distant past/future or whenever Luxord sees fit would have given Kingdom Hearts a new dimension.

Not only would Sora have to deal with new worlds, he would also have had to deal with those same worlds in certain time periods. It's happened before in the "black/white" world in KH2, but Luxord wasn't involved with that. At least as far as I know, he wasn't.

I can really see why Nomura says that "Luxord could have done more" because you know what? He damned well could have. He could have been an Anti-Balthier. Gambler/Pirate with all the charm, but little to none of the morals. Depending on the extent of his powers to control time, he would have slowed things down, sped them up, draw Sora well into the past, the distant future, or reappear at a time Sora and co. are long gone since time devours everyone, except for those who can control it. He could even use the element to save other Organization members if he wanted to. Course, he'd be more interested in saving himself.

The only problem is that the overuse of the Time element would have overcomplicated Kingdom Hearts. I mean, it's not Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross and shouldn't be treated as such, but time seems to be a "biggie" element in Kingdom Hearts because Twilight Town is known for that huge clock, and the Peter Pan world has Big Ben standing out like a sore thumb. I even remember Traverse Town having a clock in the square. However, water "sticks out" in Kingdom Hearts too and Demyx had very little screentime in KH2. Plus, they're nice clocks, but they're still clocks.

Even without his ability to control time, he's basically a game master who plays to win and isn't afraid of risks. His cards are weapons along with his words and he would have made a fine "adviser" type at the very least. Life is a game to him, and he fully intends to play it balls to he wall while making sure that the deck is stacked in his favor.

Sort of a Seto Kaiba, only with more finesse and doesn't slouch when losing. Luxord has nothing to prove, knows "when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, and when to walk away when the dealing's done"(The Gambler by Kenny Rogers). That song should be Luxord's theme.

I REALLY can see why Luxord's Nomura's favorite Organization member. He's just not too much of a fan favorite. It's the goatee. Got to be.

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