Monday, February 16, 2009


So, according to The BIG THREE(Kh Insider, KH Vids, and KH Network, in case you didn't know), 358/2 will be out in May. I expect to see Youtube flaring up at that time, but the problem is that I've yet to see a good DS Lite video. Wait and see, I guess, but I'm determined to NOT know about it since it wasn't like COM where I already knew the plot from other sources(Skies of Memory).

If 358/2 will be out in May in Japan, then the US release would probably be sometime in November. Probably close to the Holidays.

I haven't heard anything about Birth By Sleep and I haven't been paying much attention to Coded.

As for the COM:Re, well, that's just another part of my "To-Do" list. LOL.

Huhuhu...Luxord in Wonderland. I wonder how well he'd get along with Alice. Pfft.

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