Friday, October 24, 2008

The Latest scans found by KH Insider

Oh Lord, I can see it now. The Axel/Roxas fandom will be VERY displeased for sure. Some of the new scans include these following scenes:

1. Axel alone with Xion. Both have sea salt ice cream. Axel looks concerned, irritated and angry. All of that. This is Axel we're talking about. He is always angry. Heh.

2. Axel, Roxas and Xion on top of the Clock Tower looking at the sky. All three look to be smiling.

3. What was already seen before(Axel shoving ice cream in Roxas's face and Xion is present).

4. Roxas and Xion looking at each other, but Axel is talking. This is in the Organization room.

Like I said, I can see people HATING Xion for this very reason. Simply for being around what the more dedicated Axel/Roxas fans see as "THE WRONG PEOPLE".

But, again, all these scans are taken out of context. No one knows for sure if someone is an enemy pretending to a friend, no one knows how often Xion is around, and there is STILL no interaction between certain other Organization members. Still nothing new on Demyx or Luxord. In fact, they are the only two that are never seen in anything new.

At any rate, as of now, the idea that Axel only liked Roxas is blown out of the water. It's something I suspected all along(for,er, different reasons) and while Axel/Roxas ARE best friends, that certainly doesn't mean that they have/had no one else.

It's still wait and see, but Xion looks like a wet blanket. Not too good an impression so far.

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