Sunday, September 7, 2008

Still nothing on Demyx?

There's quite a lot of info floating around about 358/2, BBS(I don't expect Demyx here), and even KH THREE(Can't wait to hear the announcement about that one), but there's still no sign of Demyx.

Not that he's the only one shut out(Nothing on Luxord either and other Org members are mentioned in passing), but I just find it odd that there's not even a screenshot of him in the multiplayer mode of 358/2. I'm surprised since he's one of the more popular members, but then again, 358/2 won't be coming out until months later, so it's just a wait and see sort of thing.

It's Demyx/Saix day today, but as I mentioned last year, I don't tend to 'ship them.

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