Sunday, September 23, 2007

From KH-Insider

"Roxas and Axel were watching the sunset from their usual spot on the station's clock tower after a long day of collecting "hearts" from the Heartless, as ordered by their organization. When their daily work ended, they often spent their evenings there. They talked about the day's work and other things over ice cream."

I'm not surprised at this. Right when I first played Kingdom Hearts 2, I often imagined Axel/Roxas talking to each other at different places. Clock Tower talk actually came a little later.

"Do you know why the sun looks red as it sinks below the horizon? It's because among the countless colors comprising light, red travels the greatest distance."

"You're just trying to show off, Axel!"

That's the other thing. "Element Talk" could come up occasionally too, but that's pretty common in the fandom. As for me, I often had Axel compare himself to the sun. "Without the sun, there wouldn't be a god damned planet!"

It was idle chatter between two boys without hearts.

Axel is a "boy". Looks like a grown man to me.

This is the untold story of Organization XIII's Roxas.

YAY! Too bad it's for the DS. That's what Youtube is for.

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