Monday, September 24, 2007


Check this out from one of the new KH game trailers:

"A scene of Axel and Saix talking about Castle Oblivion.
They are at "Memory's Skyscraper". Saix is standing on the stairs. Axel walks and turns his back towards him.
Saix: Axel, Xemnas sent me a message."

Saix: "There is a member in Castle Oblivion who is a betrayer."

(Gee, I wonder who that is. Could it be, Axel? Nah, of course not. Then again, that place was full of traitors).

Saix: "Erase him as soon as we find him."
Axel looks back but only his left side of his face shows.
Axel: "Is this really an instruction from Xemnas?"
Does Saix's expression deepen?"

(Do rabbits fuck? Do bears shit in woods? Is Axel an asshole? Hmmm...)

(And good grief poor Axel. No way he likes taking orders from SAIX).

As for the 14th member, I'm still willing to bet it's Namine. Yea, I know that hood thing isn't her style, but it was probably just a means of concealing herself for awhile. If it's not her, then it could be Aqua. I don't think it's a brand new character.

  • The person who is called the 14th in appearance is a girl who is wearing a black hood. She walks towards the center of the room with a smile. Her face isn't able to be seen.
  • The expressions of the Org. members varies from each member. Vexen and Larxene laugh.

  • (Proving what a bitch Larxene is and what an ass Vexen is).

  • Marluxia and Leaxus express a little anger through their eyebrows. (Tomo's note: Remember, Org. members can only fake emotion.)

  • (Fake? Yea, sure. If it's Namine, then what would they be mad about)?

  • Vexen then starts to move. (FF&KH notes that his chair seemed to be awfully low.)
(Probably so he could get the hell out of there the fastest. Oh wait. The "14th member" could easily be a Replica of sorts. Bah, who knows)?

  • Axel moved his hand to his mouth.

  • (Probably sizing the person up and not for naughtiness either. He's got Demyx and Roxas for that).
    Roxas' expression to be surprised to see the 14th member (or confused).
(That's why I think it may be Namine, and thus not much of a surprise at all).

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