Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Roxas won the prize! Congrats! 358/2 is picking up a little more now. Demyx still seems very distant. Almost like he's talking to Roxas for the sake of doing it, and then just doing whatever he wants. He is with Saix when Xion finally went with Roxas though. Interesting. Maybe a coincidence.

Axel is now at Castle Oblivion and seems to think that Saix is being decietful about certain orders.

I do find 358/2 a little difficult to control sometimes. I think it would work on the PS3 because the controls are different. What works on a big console can be awkward on a handheld. Then again, I have yet to start Birth By Sleep, so who knows?

Anyway, Roxas is now with Xion and they must deal with a powerful enemy. Fun.

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