Wednesday, March 10, 2010 suprise here

A Place called TV Tropes has many examples of commonalities in all sorts of mediums. It's fun as hell to read, but it can easily consume you. The "Scrappy" is the one I'm currently reading. I actually thought the "Scrappy" meant someone who'd always be a "street punk" sort of fighter, but looks like I was wrong. It's based on the once popular, now hated Scrappy Do. Talk about One Second You're in, the Next You're out.

Here's the video game section of The Scrappy.

Check out the Kingdom Hearts section? Anyone surprised? I didn't think so. The KH fandom can be pretty brutal sometimes. In some cases, I can see why a character is considered a "Scappy", but some of it is ridiculous. I CALLED Xion well before 358/2 even came out. One thing the Trope failed to point out was that Xion is also considered whiny by a good number of fans who have nothing to do with Axel/Roxas.

TV Tropes is fun. Yes.

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