Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First post of Luxord year is

A TO DO LIST. Hooray!

1. Top Five most glorious Battles--Re: COM/KH2
2. Axel/Demyx shipping manifesto (Might as well).
3. More could have been done with Demyx.
4. Top Five Most glorious Battles-- 1st Kingdom Hearts
5. Xaldin banner (I'm not here to win any beauty pageants part pi).
6. KH Icons!
7. Axel/Demyx/Roxas and why the hell is this my "OT3"? And no, it's not because I'm "lazy".
8. Five most touching Kingdom Hearts moments. (I will have a separate top 5 for COM/KH2)
9. Five most PAINFUL Kingdom Hearts moments. (I will have a separate top 5 for COM/KH2)
10. Xaldin Banner for Whenever. In fact, other Org banners. Sheesh. I still only have Axel, Demyx and Luxord. Will include one for Xion too.
11. Character reviews/ratings(this was one of the reasons why this blog is even here!!!!!)
12. Personality Disordered Organization 13
13. Kingdom Hearts Quotes (yea, I'm a sucker for quotes).
14. Play/Comment/Post about Chain of Memories: RE. Still haven't gone up against Vexen #2. (Star Ocean series will do that to you. lol!)
15. More stuff about the Disney elements. I barely even mention those, and it's a HUGE part of Kingdom Hearts.
a. Top 5 favorite Disney Characters
b. Top 10 most grating Worlds (this will combine KH1 and 2)
16. Top 5 things I could have done without in ALL of the Kingdom Hearts series.


I know that I am very slow, so I never really let anything die. So, even if it takes a thousand years for me to get through this list, I'll get them done. I just don't want to remove things, yanno?

I still haven't touched 358/2, and still haven't gotten past Vexen in Re: COM. Like I said, SLOW. But, Star Ocean doesn't help much. Lol!

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