Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a happy new year and a fic rec!

This is my last fic rec of the year. I saved "the best for last", so to speak. :)

Title: Stalemates





Brief summary:
They are the nobodies in the group of Nobodies. They're the stalemates. Roxas sits, Axel thinks, and Demyx? Demyx dreams.

Featured characters and/or pairing(s):

Reason(s) for the recommendation:
If you were to tell me to give you a "shipping manifesto" on Axel/Demyx/Roxas, then I would simply point to this fic and say, "read this". It is quite simply one of the best A/D/R fics out there, if not the best. She presents them amazingly well and in a way that is plausible, in character, and beautifully touching. The writing in this fic is absolute poetry. Demyx is especially adorable in this one. They did indeed deserve a happy ending. I just love this fic.

Excerpt(s) of interest:
"They don't belong here, they're not children of darkness, and while they're not children of light either, Axel is fire and Roxas is light, and Demyx reflects them both because he's water and surely all of that has to count for something, even if they don't have hearts."

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