Sunday, October 4, 2009

Got 358/2

Got it on the 2nd. Like a lot of games, it'll be awhile before I play it, especially since I've been putting off Chain of Memories for HOW long? Heh. Then, there's Star Ocean: 2nd Evolution that I got the very next day! Yay! It'd be neat to cross over those two games, but I don't see that happening--EVER.

I did get a nice sleeve with 358/2 since I pre-ordered, but I think Atlus does things right when they do pre-orders(sure, you pay more, but you GET more).

Beyond that, I should really tweak my "TO Do List". I won't remove anything, but will probably add to it. Yay for long lists!

Just a couple more comments:

Axel=Organization Himself? LOLOL!

It wouldn't surprise me if Square ended up making a Dissidia for Kingdom Hearts.

That's about it for now.

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