Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2nd Batch of Old Skies of Memory Comments

This is also from 100 years ago, and I don't think my opinions have changed much. Guess we'll have to see since I'm slooowww...oh well, there's no rush here. This is the final set of commentary for "Skies of Memory". I'm glad they posted it on YouTube. Of course there are SPOILERS, but this isn't from the Remake, so there shouldn't be any problems.


1. Hmm...the final battle sure was pretty. And Marluxia died dramatically. Not a surprise there. Pretty flowers too. I like pretty.

2. Jesus, what's with these assholes who keep saying shit like "More pink and more petals for Marluxia. How masculine." Oh yea, because we should all be put into boxes of how others think of a person should be because of their gender. Yea, his element is flower, but that's an EARTH element. Since when does that make someone automatically "girly" (because we all know that girly=weak. HUURRRR)? I just think Marluxia doesn't fall into "gender roles", so to speak. I also think he's straight.

3. I think Zexion is worse than Axel. Axel radiates fabulousness, but Zexion just gives me the creeps. I think it has to do with the WAY he manipulates. With Axel, it's fun, it's glorious, it's beautiful. With Zexion, it's just chilling in every way. No wonder [info]rabbitprint likes him and Vexen so much. ;)

4. All I can say about the Riku replica is that I hope that he gets his own life and creates his own memories.

5. Did I mention that Axel is beautifull? Yes, I believe I did. "Sorry, Zexy." Bwhahahhahaa. How fitting that the replica was the one who killed him. Course it would have been even more poetic if Vexen were killed by him, but you take what you can get. And I don't blame Axel for preferring to observe Riku and Sora. Kind of a no brainer there. I wonder what Axel will do with his new "toy". He seems to like having "pets" heehehe.

6. "Axel is a murderer! Axel is a murderer"! A blooblablooblabloo. Christ. He IS an assassin, right? I just don't know what people expected him to do. He was surrounded by enemies and people who didn't care about him one way or the other. Besides Zexion KNEW Axel couldn't be trusted. Hell, all three of the "Elders" knew it, so how could "Zexy" act all surprised that he ended up BURNED? I guess he didn't know how far darling could or would go.

7. DiZ? WTF? DiZ? The masked nightmare? He was the one who guided Riku? Sheesh.

8. Geez, poor Twin. He clearly had thoughts and feelings of his own. Why couldn't he have seen that? He might have been created artificially, but if he feels, then those are real.

9. Riku looks great in Org 13 clothes, but Mickey still looks ridiculous. Course I think they should have had outfits of their own. Leave those lovely coats to Axel and Demyx. :D

10. "The Path to Dawn" makes me think of a novel. Heh. The choosing of both light and dark(or neither) reminds me of learning to love your shadow self because oftentimes, a negative emotion can be used for positive things and vice/versa. I know that should be a no-brainer, but you'd be amazed at how simplistic people can be.

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