Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Commentary for Skies of memory

Before I FINALLY get started on the COM: RE, I'll be posting my old commentary for Skies of Memory. This is from a hundred years ago, so opinions might have changed a bit, but I doubt it. WATCH OUT FOR ANY SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED COM or seen skies of memory. Then again, if you're concerned about that, then this post can easily be ignored. Heh. Anyway:

1. Like I said before, I LIKE Larxene. She's certainly not that dumb, and I like her savage playfulness. It's cute.

2. Oh Axel, you're fucking beautiful. Way to make Vexen beg. Gorgeous. However, I think that if Axel wanted to lead the Organization(I doubt he ever did, but you never know with him), he'd rather be the ONLY one to do it(it's painfully obvious that he's very dominant). Not share power with two of those who are obviously younger than he is and lower in Org Rank. Of course Axel has it in him to kill Vexen and god knows who else(except for Demyx/Roxas, of course). I don't know why that was questioned.

3. Speaking of younger, I think Marluxia is the youngest in the group(yea, I think Larxene is older), and yet he rules the Castle. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

4. Did I mention that Axel was beautiful? But I do agree with him about Namine. She COULD do something. I mean, for fuck's sake, she could at least try. One thing though, I don't think it was necessary to beat people in the head about how Axel is playing all sides. I think it was obvious. Course Axel is very animated, so I'm not too surprised that he acted the way he did. I just think it would have been better if he just took a couple steps and then smiled. Eh, that's probably not an "Axelism" though. That's something Demyx or someone much colder would do, imo.

5. I think Namine is way too hard on herself though. Of course she should accept some of the responsability, but she was used by EVERYONE. There's only so much one could do in a situation like that.

6. Yowza, Larxene sure loves to talk. I'm surrpised Axel didn't shut HER up. Then again, I'm sure her explaining everything suited him just fine.

7. Hmm...even here, ORG members are getting screwed with barely any screentime. Yea, it's more than what SOME got in KH2(well, going from what I've heard), but I do think that things seem to be happening all too quickly. Geez, am I THAT spoiled with 60+ hour games? Heh.

8. What I love is the half-truths that come out of darling Axel's mouth. Namine technically turned, but it was because of HIM. As for Zexion, he HAS to be aware that Axel can't be trusted. And I'd rather not know what Marluxia did with Namine when he approached her.

9. "I always follow orders, Marluxia". Yea, the hell you do, Axel. I love how he twists things. Seems Marluxia holds his own against him though. Course I think the talk about disloyality is both ironic and could easily show the dichotomy of Axel himself. Fire is treacherous, but it can also be described as loyal(the sun is always there for you. At least until it goes nova and destroyed everything. Heh). Do I think he's loyal to the Organization? Fuck no, but I think it's obvious that he's capable of fierce loyalty. Or rather being the sort who will never leave you. Or, if you want to get scary, never let you go.

10. I think Axel is aware that Roxas came from Sora, but I can't be sure.

11. Five bucks says Zexion is killed by Axel. Yet I don't seem to mind because I don't think any Org member in the Castle is any better than the other. Course it doesn't help that I couldn't give a shit about Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion. I'll thrown in Saix too while I'm at it.

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