Friday, April 17, 2009

Yamaha Recall of Rhino ATV Side by Side Vehicle

Kingdom Hearts has many vehicles. Gummi ships, a hover cycle that Riku rode with Sora to face Xenmas, Cycles in Tron, and even an upturned truck in the World That Never Was. They did not, however, have a Rhino ATV Side by Side vehicle. Good thing they didn't, otherwise Kingdom Hearts would full of rollover scenes that would lead to a game over. On planet Earth, they are currently being recalled by Yamaha because of the injuries caused by easy rollovers.

According to Yamaha Rhino Rollover, the ATV was practically built to do little more than drive a bit, and then rollover as soon as terrain got a little tough or the driver made a mistake. The Rhino is narrow and top heavy with small tires. Basically, the design itself is poor and no amount of warnings are going to change that. The older models didn't even have doors, so the passengers often had to brace themselves with their legs to try and keep the ATV balanced. The newer models includes doors, but that did nothing to improve the poor design, and while they might decrease the chance of someone sticking out a limb to brace themselves, it won't decrease the risk of the vehicle rolling over. Injuries caused by the rollovers aren't just bumps and bruises, but broken legs, arms, and spinal cord injuries. If you've been injured due to a Rhino Rollover that wasn't caused by careless driving/antics, then you do have rights and the sponser below will contain more information about what to do.


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