Tuesday, March 24, 2009


From Heartstation.org

Info about Lexaeus:

"No.5 Lexaeus
He boasts incredible strength from the ax he carries!"

So, if he didn't have it, he'd LOSE his strength? Oi...ehhee. Bittermeat generally does a good job with translation, but sometimes going from Japanese to English...well, the movie "Lost in Translation" was made for a reason. ;)

"The guy with a rough face and big physique! His weapon is a huge “axesword”. Though his movements are slow, the damage from his blow is tremendous!"

Some things go without saying. This is one of them.

"His figure brandishing the ax in an lively way is extremely promising!"

Yea, I'm sure it is. Wait. Promising? How exactly? I guess to Zexion it would be.

"No.12 Larxene
She uses the knives without mercy!"

Yea, that's been established since the GBA version of COM.

"She is the beautiful woman in the Organization wearing a cold smile! In the fist of both hands she keeps 8 small knives prepared.
Larxene manipulates thunder and her movements are so fast it shows!"

No use arguing that. She certainly is pretty, but is Xion competition? I doubt it.

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