Saturday, March 21, 2009

Off topic: Deal Barbie Pays

"Red is the most dominant color in the sky..." Axel, 358/2 (okay, it's not the direct quote, but's something he believes).

I've actually imagined Xion doing offers on Deal Barbie Pays. I guess it's the idea of her and her pals(Axel, Demyx, Roxas) sweating over the freebies and then "YAYing" over the $$/credits they win. They'll be YAYing a whole lot more is extra $$/prizes are won. Axel, of course, is a sucker for money for he is greedy. Not like gambler Luxord, but still pretty greedy. He is a fire element, after all. Demyx is just spoiled and he likes money too.

I just started on DBP on March 6th and didn't do much until fairly recently thanks to the right kind of promotions/contests. It's free to join and you make $$$ doing offers. You also make "signs" which can be exchanged for prizes. There's a friendly forum, faq, and support ticket area if you ever need any assistance in doing offers. What makes DPB so appealing is that it as a "Paid to Click" area(you get paid 1c for every ad you click), many promotions and contests(the current one is every 5 offers done gets a ticket for a prize drawing for either a Wii, a Nintendo DS black, or an ipod shuffle).

Deal Barbie Pays is not the first GPT site I've joined, but it's fast become one of my favorites. Once you join, you're sure to see why!

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