Monday, March 16, 2009

358/2 GREAT NEWS! And some not so good...

The not-so good news is that bittermeat has left KH Insider. *cries* Well, not really, but things like that happen and bittermeat did a great job with translations. However, if you're obsessed with bittermeat, here's the twitter:

and here's the site:

KH insider just got one too:

Now, it'll be easier to get the latest on Kingdom Hearts. I have a twitter too:

But, it's very random and might not have much in terms of Kingdom Hearts, but it'll have other things.

Oh, and the new news that KH Insider mentioned? Neverland is confirmed for 358/2. YUS! That's one of my favorite worlds, in case anyone forgot. I wonder who Roxas would be partnered with here? Probably Xaldin since there's flight involved. I really can't see anyone else, except for Demyx since he's basically three years old mentally.

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