Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Ten Tags

While looking at the editing page of my blog, I found that some tags were used quite a few times. So, I got a little curious and decided to do a top ten of "Most Used Tags". Just a fun little thing.

1. General Kingdom Hearts--236 (this shouldn't be a surprise at all).
2. Axel--45 (I guess he rules all after all).
3. Chain of Memories--31 (This will change eventually).
4. Organization 13--21
5. 358/2 --20 (Oh my! Close, but this one will come out ahead quickly). Tied with "To-do".
6. Axel/Roxas--16(I'm surprised this snuck past Axel/Demyx).
7. Axel/Demyx + Demyx (Both tied at 15).
8. How did Demyx sneak in? --13 (He'll be doing more of that too).
9. Theory + Enigmatic Knights(both tied, but I can see the latter not being used much anymore). -- 11
10. Marluxia--9 (This one will change too since he's the "star" in COM. Oh, no wait, that's Axel).

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