Thursday, January 22, 2009

YAY Finally!

Better late than never! The copy of COM: RE is here! Joy! I haven't started it yet though. Go figure. I mean, I just got the copy today. Others have probably already beaten it.

And now Demyx. Yes, there's a little more of him now. BEYOND THIS IS SPOILERS. Not interested in those? Then, don't read beyond this. Yea, that'll stop people, especially not Demyx fans. This was stolen borrowed from

Olympus Coliseum

Roxas and Demyx go to Olympus Colisseum to defeat Heartless in order to collect hearts.

The battle's activity, in result, seemed to have worried Demyx....?

Also, when Phil sees Roxas fight, he mistakens him as his own apprentice candidate.

Furthermore, Demyx's sitar has two different graphic designs that are open to the public.

Phil: "You sir said something about Herc, the apprentice candidate? At a glance, it's obvious when I see his battle style." ***

Phil: "T-that's strange.... Now that you mentioned it, Roxas!"

Phil: "Ok, first basic thing you need to know... Concentrate! You need to be able to concentrate!!"

Demyx: "Is heart collecting, today's mission? Haa... Why am I weak at battling....?" ****

Demyx: "Quit joking! You won't find me in a battle alone."

(What? He's not making any sense here. I know that Tomogirl had some difficulty translating, but Demyx is contradicting his words with future actions. It's obvious that he doesn't like fighting, but he doesn't shrink from it when he has to. BUT, wasn't he alone when he fought Sora and co. in Kingdom Hearts 2? And then the, "waaa...why am I so weak?" Come on, Demyx is obviously a "lost puppy" sort and they tend to play stupid when they don't want to do something. Whatever. There's still time before 358/2 comes out. Plus, there's still nothing on Luxord, so info on him should be coming up soon).

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