Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh noes!

Everyday update? Bwhaaha. So much for that. It's not like I've moved on or anything because I haven't. Given the nature of the KH series, something like that isn't likely if ever. I mean, FF7 has been in the "back of my mind" for a decade, which is ironic considering that it isn't even my favorite FF. Har! Har.

That being said, I read about the interviews from the "Big 3" KH sites, and I'm quite surprised that Coded is still around being developed. I guess mobile phone games are more popular than I thought. For me? Such a thing is for TALKING, not for playing for games. I have others things to play games with, but that's just me. Still, given that practically NO ONE has spoken of Coded, I don't think many people are going to care much. Then again, who knows? But, I seriously doubt it'll trump BBS and 358/2 in terms of popularity.

Here's a tidbit from KH Insider:

"Also worthy of noting, FF7AC reunion is reporting that Kingdom Hearts coded will be the first of the three compilation games to be released. Looks like the rumors about its production being halted are false!"

The FIRST to be released? Well, I'm not too surprised. Then again, nothing surprises me. The internet took that ability away. Ehehhe. Maybe Coded will be better than I think. There's a reason why mobile phone games are showing up more and more. I honestly don't know if I intend to go near it, but because I am curious, I probably will. Youtube is a wonderful thing. :D

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