Thursday, April 3, 2008

RE: COM Basement Dweller Floor 7.

I finally found some YouTube vids featuring the upper basement floors with subtitles. KHInsider did them, from what I've read. Yay! So, now I can finally give some more commentary! Geez, it's been like...almost a YEAR? Yikes! How fast time flies!


Floor Seven.

Yea, I could tell the "fake" from the real one. The Replica looks like a PSYCHOPATH. Of COURSE he wouldn't be afraid of anything. Sheesh. However, that sort of fearlessness isn't courage, it's just foolhardiness. You have to FEEL fear to be courageous and then act in spite of the fear. Good luck telling the Replica that though.

"Desperation is a product of fear." -- Ansem.

Uh-huh, yea, especially when it comes to "finding someone". ehheehehehe.

At any rate, Riku is just great. He's always been more interesting than Sora.

"I thought you said you were going to wipe the floor with me!" HEEE!

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