Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kingdom Hearts X-over

I wonder if Square will ever make a Kingdom Hearts Saga Series Style. The Saga Series(Romancing, Frontier, etc), despite its faults, is known for beautiful music, great battles, non-linearity, and many options, which contributes to a high replay value(you never get tired of it). Wouldn't it be interesting to have a certain number of characters (7-8 seems to be the lucky number in the Saga Series) explore the many Disney/Final Fantasy worlds, have many different quests with many different options, but have the same "core" story? Oh, it'd be hell to make, I'm sure, but like I said in a previous post, if Final Fantasy has Saga as a twin, then why not Kingdom Hearts? KH has many worlds to choose from, and many storylines to go with. Maybe "Saga Hearts" will be the best Saga EVER!!!

You never know...

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