Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I assume that it's already started? I haven't the foggiest right now, but since it should be the 20th, I would say that it has, especially since was nice enough to summarize the trailor of "Birth by Sleep":

" The Final Project to be shown in the compilations of KH Projects today.

It starts by showing scenes of the ending of "Kingdom Hearts 1" Soon the text "Deep Past" comes up, to be followed by "Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate"

The trailer starts off with the boy who looks like Roxas, Ven, talking to a young male with black hair, the area seeming to be like "Hollow Bastion". The boy soon calls the young male "Ven." The scene continuously changes before showing the Old man that is seen in the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Secrent Ending.

The old man's name is "Master Xehanort" and "Master Xehanort" calls the young boy "Terra". Soon Terra summons the keyblade into his hand.

Master Xehanort? So, they must have had a master/apprentice relationship much like "Xehanort"/Ansem. Well, duh, with "master" and all that, but who knows? Could be a D/s one for all we know.

Soon some worlds are shown, such as "Olympus Coliseum" and a new world, which resembles that of Sleeping Beauty is shown, confirming it's existence.

The scene then changes to Terra fighting against the mysterious dark male, who looks like he's in a bicycle suit, also from the secret ending. Terra manages to knock off the helmet, but his face isn't shown.

The scene soon moves to King Mickey summoning his Keyblade. Soon the scene begins to change rapidly, and Terra is at a beach, watching two boys playing before resting his sword into the grove. The two boys soon begin to become more visible, and it looks like Sora and Riku playing at the beach.

Terra soon says "Please don't depend on me, just erase me...friend"

What? So, apparently he knew Sora somehow. Or when Ven "froze", he sort of became Sora. Don't know where I got that from, but Terra would be "erased" for a reason. Probably as some kind of sacrifice. Has to be. Or maybe he joined the Knights and wanted Sora to forget so it wouldn't hurt so much.

Afterwards the text "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" comes up, this game is for the PSP.

OH! YAY! PSP! I wonder about the other Kingdom Hearts games, but I'm a bit too tired to look right now.

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