Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Kingdom Hearts Games

Yes, I heard from a livejournal community first and then from the "Big Three" about the new Kingdom Hearts games. I'd be willing to get a PSP, but a PS3 would be a long time in getting, and no way I'm getting a DS because even if Nintendo had good handhelds, I like the PSP better in terms of the games it has.

I just hope that the new games don't become an Axel/Roxas fest, but I bet it will. Honestly, I only awknowledge Axel/Roxas when Demyx is thrown in because I am MEEEEEAN like that.

Still, it's not certain what will be showing up at the Game Show because I still never know what to believe when it comes to the KH fandom.


therapydoc said...

I loved your comment on my blog, So What. And this is a very interesting blog you have here!

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