Friday, September 28, 2007

Okay. Screenshot time. From KHInsider

Axel: BlaBlaBla. Red. BlaBlaBla. I'm like the sun, and everyone should revolve around me!
Roxas: *BUUURP*

Axel: Look! The sunset's red! Like my hair!
Roxas: Looks more orange yellow to me.

It's a pretty picture and I've always been a sucker for sunsets, but this pic stands out because of water reflecting the sun. Looks like a golden blanket.

Then, there's this pic. Not so much because of Roxas, but rather what's on the top left of him. Looks like one of the other Organization members is just hanging around there. I'd like to think it's Demyx, but my cynical side of me suggests that it's the "new girl". Honestly, it could be anyone.

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