Thursday, August 2, 2007

Headspace Axel Part 2

For Axel/Xigbar day, here is part 2:

1. Axel drinks alcohol, and he also smokes. Not heavily, but he still does. Yea, he's a hedonist.

2. He has a voracious sexual appetite, but he is NOT the "slut" of the Organization, and ISN'T someone who'd have sex with just anyone.

3. Before Demyx and Roxas, he was close to Saix since the two of them were the first Neophytes for years. Then years later(seven), Axel and Saix did the "naughty" together and Axel became possessive. In response, Saix beat the tar out of him, and their relationship became strained. When Demyx came about(one year before Roxas), Axel and Saix became bitter enemies, getting worse when Roxas was "born". The beating did not end the Axel/Saix relationship, Axel's growing "compassion"(ahahah) ended it.

4. There is no getting around that Axel is a brilliant man, however he is not one for "book learning" and has never accomplished what most of the Elders have. Zexion and Vexen love lording this over him, and it has gradually made Axel deeply resentful.

5. Axel wears make-up because he likes enhancing his features. Sometimes it's little more than eyeliner, but sometimes it's more elaborate and occasionally includes lipstick. He plucks his eyebrows often, so he can keep looking "angry".

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