Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Axel" in my headspace part 1

In various journals a "meme" went around asking about characters in your "headspace". What that means is that you're supposed to give facts about your interpretation of various characters. What they like, dislike, have, don't have, behave beyond the game/book/whatever. When posting it on a "blog", you were supposed to wait for someone to ask you about a particular character. Since this is the first day of "Axel month", I decided not to go that route. I've yet to do much of anything in terms of fanwork for him, but it doesn't matter here, and who knows? Maybe it'll help with some other things.

For the record, I won't be including everything at one time. Instead, I will be doing FIVE at a time(five seems to be the magic number in this blog) until I run out of "headspace facts".

1. Axel is a notorious P.I.G. He eats a lot. The only reason why he isn't a fatty is because his metabolism is very high and he's very mobile.

2. His favorite foods include anything spicy, cookies, bread(he hollows out baked bread, eats the 'flesh' and fills the rest with tuna fish or chili with cheese), egg dishes, and pizza. He actually eats all kinds of foods, but what's listed tend to be favorites.

3. He makes/designs clothing, and actually influenced the "final" design of the Org outfits. Axel is a sucker for leather and has a kink for zippers, gloves and boots. In fact, he makes/designs/mends all his own clothing. Most of the clothes he wears are black.

4. When it comes to footwear, he only wears boots.

5. He is a dancer as well as an efficient assassin(well, duh). He was both of these things before losing his Heart. He actually managed to "go straight" and stick only with dancing and was on the rise as a "top dancer", something very difficult to attain. As far as I'm concerned, he wasn't called the "Flurry of Dancing Flames" for nothing. He lost his Heart right when he finally managed to have the career of his dreams.

That's it for now. Next five tomorrow.

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