Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Axel/Saix day

YAY! I finally got a banner done for this site. YAYAY! It's the one with Axel on it. The one with Namine and Kairi is an older one that's being used for Sigs and on my Livejournal.

The Axel banner is far from perfect, but it turned out better than I thought it would.

Now for five more "Axel in my Headspace":

1. Axel watches quite a few movies. He likes going to the cinema frequently.

2. He reads, but it's mostly genre fiction, and his favorite is fantasy, especially sword and sorcery. He just loves the "Gor" novels, and has been trying(and failing) to make Demyx his "slave boy". He never dared tried it with Roxas. Yea, Axel's into some bondage.

3. Axel loves music, and likes dancing to the music Demyx plays. However, Axel tends to like "anger music". To him, anger music is happy music.

4. Axel suffered greatly without his Heart. As a "Fire Element" and a dancer, he knew the importance of having one. His very element represents passion, so his feeling of being incomplete made him suffer more than the others. Only Demyx suffered as much, but for different reasons.

5. Axel's room has a large fireplace(not much of a surprise there), a kitchen, and a bathroom. The dominant colors are black and red. His room is never dark, but it's hot as Hell in there(hurrr! I made a funy).

And that's all for today. I'll probably end up with a background for this blog before long.

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