Monday, August 13, 2007

Axel/Roxas day!

Happy Axel/Roxas day! YAY! And now, some "Headspace facts" for most everyone's favorite dynamic duo!

1. Unlike Demyx, Roxas was a very easy catch, but only because Axel/Roxas are both warrior sorts, and Roxas had no preconceived notions of Axel.

2. Roxas admires Axel, and looks up to him as a mentor of sorts. People say that Roxas tops, but unless it's in combat, it's Axel that is almost always the "dominant one". Unlike Demyx, Roxas seldom resists.

3. They may have done "naughty things", but in the end, they are best friends and nothing more. This is a very easy relationship to "identify" even without Hearts. Unlike Demyx, there is no ambivalence or anytime where they "hate" each other. This relationship is far more stable for the most part.

4. Roxas really was Axel's "heart", so to speak. Through him, Axel found that he could finally be humane and actually be someone worthy of love and true friendship.

5. He is not possessive of Roxas. He is "clingy" and "needy", but never possessive.

And that's all for today!

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