Thursday, August 9, 2007

Axel/Demyx day! YAY!

For Axel/Demyx day, I will simply give my "Headspace facts" for the two of them as a pairing. Since it'll probably be a good-sized list, I'll start with five, as usual, and it should last until Axel/Roxas day (13th). Anyway:

1. Pre-Roxas, it was a very turbulent relationship. While not abusive, Axel was still very harsh, and it often grated on Demyx. Despite this, Axel was still "good" to Demyx and they had a lot of great times together. During Roxas, Axel/Demyx stabilized and actually improved quite a bit, despite still being rough around the edges. Post-Roxas, it remained stabilized, but much of the old tension returned, and in fact got a little worse.

2. Demyx was by no means an easy catch. He couldn't stand the sight of Axel at first and tried to avoid him like the plague. After a nasty confrontation with Zexion, Demyx found himself alone with Axel, and well, what Axel wanted, Axel got--eventually.

3. The relationship is largely ambivalent. Sometimes they are fond of each other, sometimes they hate each other. This was especially true pre-Roxas, and at that time, it wasn't uncommon for Axel and Demyx to not see/speak to each other for days.

4. They are unable to identify their own relationship. Since they lack hearts, romantic love is simply not there, and neither one of them consider each other friends. To Axel, Demyx is simply "His". Demyx did not want to be with anyone else. Roxas was the only exception to any rule or possessiveness Axel/Demyx had.

5. They frequently fight, but are also frequently, er, "frisky". This didn't change with Roxas around.

And that's all for today!

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