Sunday, August 5, 2007

Axel in my "headspace" part five

Hurr. For Axel/Lexaeus day. There seems to be a little rumbly in the fandom tumbly for Axel/Zexion day. 8/6 should be interesting.

Anyway, another five "Axel in my Headspace" blahs. Yea, I've got a lot of them about Axel.

1. Axel is a skilled driver. Oh, I can hear it now. The fandom does no approve for a variety of reasons, and it makes sense when you think about it, but "my" Axel drives motorized vehicles very well. However, he is also very aggressive and has little tolerance for those who are not so skilled. Pre-Demyx, he has done truly vile things to the more "timid" or the unskilled aggressive. Still, regardless of Axel's behavior, he can drive anything.

2. Like a lot of manual shift enthusiasts(and no, I'm not one of them IRL), he dismisses automatic transmission as "not driving". He was like that in his "Other" life and it hasn't changed since losing his Heart. Roxas finds it irritating. Demyx, however, tends to agree with Axel.

3. Given his abilities as an Organization Nobody, people often wonder he even bothers. He says because "it's fun". True, but there are other reasons. For him, it's a form of power, control, and yes, fun. He likes having all three.

4. Axel is not picky about what kind of vehicle it is, so long as it's a manual. Still, he's not afraid of dismissing certain cars as being "pieces of shit."

5. He taught himself how to drive.

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