Saturday, August 4, 2007

Axel in my "headspace" part 4

For Axel/Vexen day. Except I don't think there's anyone alive that "Ships" these two. Gah! I hope not!

1. Like most fire elements, Axel HATES water, especially cold water. In fact, he doesn't shower as often as others think he should. According to Demyx, when Axel hasn't showered, he smells like a "butt with cigarettes".

2. Do I need to mention that he hates ice too? Oh, sure, he eats ice cream, but that's only because he's a pig. That, and ice cream tastes good.

3. Like most of the fandom, I think Axel would be a red-haired lion in the Pridelands. In Atlantcia, he's be a shark because he's meeeean.

4. He is very extroverted and is almost always in need of some kind of social contact, even if it IS with the likes of Larxene and Marluxia. However, he has difficulty making sustained friends. IOW, he can get along with many people and have allies, but "real" friends are much harder to come by for him. Like most people, yes even those without Hearts, he has a "need" for friendship. However, he'd sooner be like Xaldin(loner) before he becomes desperate.

5. Axel is well aware of what his names means and what his element means. He understand why he has the affinity for it and knows how he represents it. Axel IS Fire personified, and he also considers himself like the sun, which is why he can no longer tolerate his "place" in the Organization.

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