Friday, July 13, 2007

Manga Manga and Wrecked Truck

Yes, I'm aware of Chapter 14 Manga for KH2. Check kh_press on livejournal as I'm too lazy to link. Anyway, I'm not understanding why people seem to think it's "canon". I know that Nomura looks at the script, but to me, it's just a "crack" version of the game itself. Of, "Manga Canon", which would be like Yu-Gi-Oh.

And of course Demyx is eating chips, he's all that and a bag of chips. I bet it's sour cream/onion. Yum!

As for Axel and Namine, yea it figures he'd criticize her sewing since Axel always struck me as the sort who made/fixed most of his own clothes. I don't know why. I just always thought he would. I'm still kind of confused as to when exactly he leaves the Organization. I knew he did, but never really when.

Before playing the game, I thought he had left BEFORE fighting Roxas, and had his own group. Then I thought that he left after fighting Roxas the second, and THEN I thought he left after Demyx's death or soon after. Blagh. I also thought that he spent time away from the Org at first and then returned only to be told to take Kairi, and Axel "obeyed" (yea right), but was playing double agent. Oh sure, do as he's told, but keep Kairi for himself(or for Namine , really, since it would have benefited her too). Didn't work out though as Saix is like the Ultimate Foil for Axel. I have a theory on what happened too. It involves the wrecked truck that is symbolism for me.

Axel takes Kairi back to the City, but knows that he can't port through there because he'd get caught. He's not going to take Kairi to the Castle, instead, he wants to take her elsewhere(to Namine or just elsewhere period, so he could use her for his mean plans of getting Roxas *chu chu chu* back). So, he puts her in the truck, planning on driving her to the area where he can port without being seen by other members or Heartless. Kairi is shocked and well:

Kairi: Can you even drive this thing?
Axel: I can drive anything.

And yea, he can, actually. At least I'd like to think so. He drives through the city, but towards the memory sky scraper, Saix appears. Axel, being the bad ass that he is, floors it, and a horrified Kairi tries to stop him by grabbing the wheel and the truck ends up tipping over. Kairi crawls out, making sure to step on Axel along the way, and opens the back of the truck to get Pluto. As she tries to run, Saix nabs her and takes her to the Castle. Alone, Axel gets the hell out of dodge, and is more stunned than anything.

See, Axel prides himself on having control. When he drives, he sees it as a form of powerful control(this is why kinks like pedal pumping and car/driving scenes are so popular), and has never lost it. In Chain of Memories, he has complete control. He's firmly behind the wheel, he shifts smoothly, with no lurching, and he never stalls. Every turn is perfect, acceleration is flawless, and no one dares get in his way(he brakes for no one). In Kingdom Hearts two, the gears stick, the clutch doesn't seem to work properly, and even if the vehicle is fine, Axel somehow spins out of control anyway. In the case of the truck, Kairi is the one who grabs the wheel and causes the wreck.

One other version of this theory is that Saix is the one who causes Axel to lose control. Axel tries to run him over, but Saix vanishes, causing him to slam on the brake and overcompensate. Kairi takes advantage of the situation, by hopping out of the truck, and saving Pluto, but leaving Axel because she owes him nothing.

The point is that the wreck is what Axel himself becomes because of his desperation to see Roxas just one more time.

To be honest though, I'm still not sure if he kidnapped Kairi on his own accord or if he really was under Orders by the Org. I still haven't gone through the Final mix as I'm waiting for the subs of Basement Chain of Memories. I guess it doesn't matter, because it's obvious that he wanted to use Kairi for his own purposes. Question is, if the truck theory proves to be right, who would cause Axel's loss of control? Did it start with Axel thinking that he rules the world because he brought a Castle to it's knees? Did it start with Roxas leaving the Organization? Was it Kairi who grabbed the wheel? Or was it the very presence of Saix, Axel's most bitter enemy, who caused Axel to step on it without thinking, and then in a split second tried and failed to regain control? All the above maybe? Knowing Axel, it probably was.

I don't think we'll ever know, but it's interesting to think about if you like the idea of Axel behind the wheel or a vehicle. Seems that much of the fandom doesn't though because they think he'd be scary.

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