Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kingdom Hearts/Shadow of the Colossus

While I was playing through Shadow of the Colossus, it occurred to me that the "Pridelands" has a colossus-like enemy. It's a quadruped, and well, very big. I think it's one of the biggest in all of Kingdom Hearts. I don't know if the KH staff was influenced by SOTC, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were. Then again, Kingdom Hearts never used symbols as weak points, and you never had to worry about holding onto fur and stabbing them either.

Thanks for for the battle videos.

Big ol' Pridelands boss.

Probably similar to the big four-legged beasties of Colossus, only in Kingdom Hearts, Sora had to be a little lion cub and didn't have a horse to ride on.

This one reminds me of Colossus 13 in terms of size and majesty.

Xemnas battle part Dragon. Course 13 Colossus was actually considerable bigger.

Come to think of it, Kingdom Hearts has quite a few big 'ol bosses, but these two reminds me the most of the Colossi.

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