Monday, January 30, 2012

Yoiks. The Skyrim Dragon Ate me

Been 11 days...but I still haven't forgotten this huge fandom. :D

To do for HOW long now?

Play/Comment/Post about Chain of Memories: RE: New Cutscenes involving the Riku Replica

More stuff about the Disney elements. I barely even mention those, and it's a HUGE part of Kingdom Hearts.

Top 10 most grating Worlds (this will combine KH1 and 2)

Play more than a couple hours of 358/2. Slowly progressing, but hey, it's progress.

Some more commentary on Axel and Saix. The "Heavenly Bodies from Hell." (There has yet to be anything between them in 358/2, but I suspect that will change.

Finally start playing Birth By Sleep. That's the 3rd KH game I'm behind on. LOL!

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