Thursday, July 14, 2011

TOP TEN MOST Glorious(Epic Battles)


For the record, I HAVE YET TO PLAY 358/2, Coded, or Birth By Sleep. I have 358/2, but haven't started it yet. I am quite slow. I R BAD. I could not include any battles from those games.

I also didn't include optional fights like Sephiroth or Kurt Zisa.

Quite a few comments mentioned that Xaldin and Grass Skirt Riku and/or Riku Replica should have been on the list instead of Jafar/1000 Heartless. I can understand that, but I felt like Xaldin and Hollow Bastion Riku were already on some older lists of mine, so I kept them in the "honorable mention" territory.

Once I've played the handheld games, I'm sure the list will a bit different.

Other than that, the comments were mostly pretty good and in general agreement. YAY!

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