Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jump Festa

Looks like Jump Festa kicked off quite nicely. I've been looking around some sites looking at reports and it looks like SquareEnix has some nice displays that people are willing to wait forever to see. It's not quite like that with more obscure games like SaGa 3(I'd LOVE to check out this one since I like the SaGa series for the most part). HOWEVER, God help you if you want to see Kingdom Hearts BBS: Final Mix or Dissidia 2(this one has a limited edition version coming out early next year). I found out that FFIV: After Years is heading for the PSP(Hooray!), and that KH 3D is obviously producing a lot of buzz. Oh, and so is Coded. Or, are they one in the same. Didn't quite catch the info on that since I was skimming a wee bit.

As for FF verses 13, you'll just have to wait until the New Year. Oh, and I found it interesting to see a Nier Christmas display in a Kingdom Hearts keyhole. Everything is connected, indeed!

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